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What is ImmoStat ?


ImmoStat is an independent entity (French legal form GIE i.e. “Groupement d’Intérêt Economique”) created in 2001 by the main brokers in French Commercial Real Estate: BNP Paribas Real Estate, CBRE, JLL and Cushman & Wakefield.

Each member brings to the grouping the required information to build the most comprehensive view there is on Commercial Real Estate markets in the Greater Paris Region (Ile-de-France).


With common rules, ImmoStat is able to deliver improved information to its members as well as acknowledged statistics about supply, demand and prices to all Real Estate professionals, occupiers or investors.


This unique initiative greatly enhances market transparency in the Paris Region by filling the role of a market observatory that fosters its international attractiveness.


ImmoStat is managed as an independent and neutral entity. This allows to maintain confidentiality between members and preserve especially stakeholder's identity.

What is a "GIE" ?

In France, GIE stands for "Groupement d'intérêt économique" and can be translated as EIG, Economic Interest Grouping. Such legal form is a grouping with a legal person that allows its members to pool some of their activities in order to develop, improve and increase their results while remaining separate.


For instance, EIG are frequently used for long-term business cooperations like the EIG "Infogreffe" that pools all 134 French courts administration services or the Grouping of "CB" Banking Cards that pools banks using this payment form.


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ImmoStat Milestones


2000 : a need of common statistics emerges after the creation of Webimm in 1999


2001 : Decision to found a grouping to hold all required information to produce market statistics. First release of Office Take-up and immediate Supply in the Greater Paris Region.


2002 : Official Creation of ImmoStat in the form of a EIG. Trademark registration at INPI.


2003 : First release of headline rent for second-hand properties


2005 : First release for the total amount of Investments in the Greater Paris Region


2006 : First Release of the warehouse take-up in the Greater Paris Region and geographic review of all market sectors.


2012 : First release of the warehouse take-up in France


2014 : First release of average rent incentives


2015 : Launch of

2016 : Launch of average healine rent for new/restructured properties and metric prices of Office investments 

ImmoStat in numbers...


7 prominent market indicators in the Greater Paris Region


  • Office Take-up

  • Headline Rent for new and second-hand offices

  • Office immediate Supply

  • Average Incentive Rate (since late 2014)

  • Total amount of Investments

  • Take-up for Warehouses (since 2005 for the Greater Paris Region and 2011 for France).

  • Average price of investments in Offices (since 2016)


47,000 new office lettings or sales to occupiers

This is ImmoStat's first database. Transactions are recorded over 13,000 building in the Greater Paris Region with about 75% being used in the calculation of headline rent for second hand.


4,000 investments references

This is ImmoStat's second database in time and size. 4,000 transactions are recorded since 2 2000 on about 3,000 assets in Ile-de-France.


1,200 new warehouse lettings or sales to occupier

ImmoStat's indicator for the take-up of warehouses runs back to 2005 in the Greater Paris Region and only includes warehouses of at least 5,000 sqm. A second indicator that runs back to 2011 was added for the rest of France, for warehouses of at least 10,000 sqm.


1,000 economic rent

This is ImmoStat's latest initiative to allow the release of a market indicator about rent incentives. This indicator runs back to late 2012 and focuses on lettings of at least 1 000 sqm. Based on ImmoStat's market knowledge, about 80% of the corresponding take-up was included in the rent incentive indicator in 2015.


Unlike all other indicators, the office immediate supply is not built on line-by-line details but on the average estimation that each member gives for first and second hand offices in each market sector.

Values as at Q2 2016

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