Our objective? To provide market stakeholders with reliable, comprehensive, and transparent real estate data.

Immeubles Paris


Each member brings to the grouping the required information to build the most comprehensive view there is on Commercial Real Estate markets in the Greater Paris Region (Ile-de-France) and Aix-Marseille.

With common rules, ImmoStat is able to deliver improved information to its members as well as acknowledged statistics about supply, demand and prices to all Real Estate professionals, occupiers or investors.

This unique initiative greatly enhances market transparency in the Paris Region and Aix-Marseille by filling the role of a market observatory that fosters its international attractiveness.

With independent management and administration, ImmoStat EIG is impartial and ensures the confidentiality of information maintained by its members, especially concerning the identity of the parties.



  • 2001 : Decision to found a grouping to hold all required information to produce market statistics.

  • 2005 : First release for the total amount of Investments in the Greater Paris Region

  • 2006 : First Release of the warehouse take-up in the Greater Paris Region

  • 2012 : First release of the warehouse take-up in France



  • 2014 : First release of average rent incentives

  • 2019 : First release of indicators on the Aix-Marseille market

  • 2019 : Expansion of investment amount tracking to the entire France

  • 2019 : New market tracked, and first release of residential investment amount in France

  • 2023 : First release of the Take-up for Activity in the Greater Paris Region

ImmoStat in numbers

  • 9

    prominent market indicators

    • Office Take-up (Greater Paris Region and Aix-Marseille)
    • Headline Rent for new and second-hand offices (Greater Paris Region)
    • *Office immediate Supply (Greater Paris Region)
    • Average Incentive Rate (Greater Paris Region)
    • Take-up for Industrials (Greater Paris Region and Aix-Marseille)
    • Take-up for Warehouses (France)
    • Total amount of Investments (France)
    • Total amount of residential Investments(France)
    • Average price of investments in Offices (Greater Paris Region)

  • 100 %

    verified lines

    We ensure the validation of each received entry through a rigorous process. Each transaction submitted by a contributor must undergo verification and validation upfront. The ImmoStat team then checks the quality and consistency of the received transactions. Finally, every transaction must be validated by all contributors before being integrated into the statistics.

  • 14


    • Founding members (BNPPRE, CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield, JLL)
    • Residential partners (founding members and Ikory, Esset Valorisation, BPCE)
    • FNAIM Aix-Marseille and its contributors (founding members and Arthur Loyd, Figuière, Colliers, NCT, EOL, WERIZ, HVS)
    • Logistics contributors (founding members and EOL)

  • 9 000

    investments references

    This is the second established database, comprising approximately 9,000 transactions, with 7,000 transactions in the Greater Paris Region (since the year 2000) and 2,000 transactions in France (since the year 2019).

  • 70 000

    new office lettings or sales to occupiers

    This is ImmoStat’s oldest database, used to track the occupied demand for office space in the Greater Paris Region.

    The database only includes newly signed leases for office spaces with a duration of more than 12 months.

    As such, lease renegotiations and sales to existing tenants are excluded.

*In contrast to indicators built on transaction details, immediate supply is directly established based on market estimates provided by the members of the Economic Interest Group (GIE).