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What does ImmoStat offer to Real Estate Professionals?

ImmoStat is now proposing data subscriptions to Real Estate professionals to facilitate their use and acquisition of market statistics. Our data files may assist in business decisions and they can easily become part of other information systems.


Unlike public information, our quarterly data files incude many more series for sectors, segments, with greater details and history. Their design with data and visualisation apart ensure great ease of use and integration.

immostat professionels
1. ImmoStat Standard

Take-up, average Headline Rent (for both second-hand and now new/restructured properties), Investment, Immediate Supply for the Greater Paris Region with details of all ImmoStat sectors and segments. Take-up of Warehouse in the Greater Paris Region and Rest of France.


Available 5 days after the quaterly release of public market indicators.

Office take-up has details of floor size (< 1,000/1 to 5,000/5,000 sqm)

Investment has details of amount size (+/- M€ 100)


2. ImmoStat Standard
+ incentive rates

Receive all standard indicators as well as all available incentive rates over ImmoStat's 8 sectors and 20 segments. Incentive Rates are detailled by floor size (+/- 5,000 sqm).


Incentive Rates are published one month after all other indicators. Details will be made available 5 days after the release of public results.

What data, what format?

To let you evaluate all aspects our our data streams, we have uploaded an online demonstration where every fictive number still represent a real data point that we are able to deliver.


> Download a demonstration file


What length and history? 

A subscription includes 4 successive quarterly releases. The standard data file includes the last 5 years, that is 20 quarters. You may obtain longer history up to the 10 last years for 30% of the applicable price.


What can be done with the data?

Our selling terms do limit rights of use for the all ImmoStat data, however, present prices for professionals do include a derogatory right for commercial use in the sale contract.


> Download our standard selling terms


Is it possible to target specific series or indicators?

Yes, contact us by writing to to setup a selection package for your company. Selecting 5 segment out of 20 is typically priced at 50% of the complete datastream.


Have a question?

Contact us by writing to to assess the feasability of a dedicated analysis.

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